“Free Speech in the Work Place” with Lipson Neilson Partner Lisa Zastrow

As a featured guest on the Gracefully Greying podcast series, Lipson Neilson Partner Lisa Zastrow discusses the nuances of free speech in the workplace including cancel culture, conflicts of interest, grounds for termination, discrimination, and the art of office dialog.

No matter your age or position, Lisa explores solutions to some often volatile topics, depending on your workplace situation, offers suggestions and tips on how to solve problems, and provides advice as you move through different stages of your career.

Lisa combines her complicated and arduous life experiences, her refusal to sweat the small stuff, and her sensitive “B.S.” meter, with her talent as a successful trial attorney to help clients. Practicing law for nearly twenty years, Lisa’s resume details awards, trial successes and experiences.

Contact: Lisa Zastrow
Phone: 702-622-7258
Email: LZastrow@lipsonneilson.com

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